Handicrafts are a mirror that reflects some aspects of Sudanese identity and expresses a diverse and varied heritage because of multiculturalism of Sudan, what makes it an attractive element throughout the ages and times

Handicraft are made of many materials such as sand, wood, leather, metals and others and the aesthetic and creative features in the distinction of colors and decorative units, and each regions of Sudan have handicrafts linked to with its environment, these crafts formed a means of human communication and knowledge awareness among different population groups.

But the lack of keeping pace with artisans for the rapid development in the methods of production, supply and marketing of handicrafts has limited its spread at international markets.


At Craft Store, we seek to market products that reflect diverse cultures and heritage of Sudan through a digital platform that allows people around the world to explore and acquire those products in a safe, reliable and easy way

We aim at Craft Store to improve craftsmanship and qualify artisans to raise the quality of Sudanese heritage products to compete with international markets.

We aim to support individuals and productive families by opening the door to sell and market local products through our platform, which reflects positively on their income level and thus contributes to enriching the digital content of Sudanese handmade products.

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